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CIMERWA and the community

Apart from our pledge to be an environmentally friendly company, CIMERWA Ltd has invested a significant amount of money in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is aimed at uplifting socio-economic status of the local community and benefiting Rwandan citizens at large. Over the last 30 years we have a mandate to make a positive impact in the lives of the communities of Rusizi District and those of Rwandan population in general. Besides providing clean water to the immediate area, health insurance to the needy and support for the local population through grassroots-level economic initiatives; CIMERWA runs a clinic and a school that benefit the local community.

As part of our CSR programme, CIMERWA has:

  • Provided a fully equipped clinic with a brand new ambulance to serve the community of three neighbouring sectors.
  • Established a nursery and primary school that hosts 480 students and which are ranked highly in the Rusizi District Primary School Leaving National Exams.
  • Maintained a recreational site and a public garden at Mashyuza Hot Springs.
  • Provided support for genocide survivors by constructing a home worth 30 million Rwandan Francs.
  • Secured free company land and concessions for community farming activities.
  • Supported a local Football Club that now plays in the National Football Premier league
  • Helped upcoming local musicians and artists to explore and develop their talents.

CIMERWA School2016-10-10 10:06:19

Consider these numbers: twelve years ago, CIMERWA School had 64 scholars. Today in 2015, there are 453 scholars, across three classes, with

CIMERWA Poultry Project2016-10-10 10:06:19

Initiated by the youth of Bugarama the CIMERWA poultry project was created when scholars from the school expressed the idea that they would

CIMERWA Clinic2016-10-10 10:06:19

CIMERWA Clinic was established at the plant premises in 1984 when it was commissioned. It includes a pharmacy, a 13-bed hospital and a labor

CIMERWA Carpentry Project2016-10-10 10:06:19

With a well-equipped carpentry workshop on site and need for office furniture, CIMERWA realised that there was an opportunity to train volun

Tailoring at CIMERWA2016-10-10 10:06:19

CIMERWA recognized that as the need for tailored outfits for use around the factory emerged, the tailors in the community next to the plant

Knitting at CIMERWA2016-10-10 10:06:19

During one of CIMERWA's meetings with the community, a young girl sat quietly, knitting a scarf with so much ease oblivious of the meeting's