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SIRWA Warehouse Launch2016-10-10 10:04:54

  • CIMERWA launches distribution warehouse in Kigali, brings cement closer to the builders
  • On Saturday the 9th July 2016, CIMERWA along with SIRWA Color Limited launched a distribution warehouse in Kicukiro district, in the city of Kigali. The SIRWA owned warehouse has a capacity to store 20,000 bags of cement equivalent to 1000 tones. The basis of the collaboration with SIRWA is to make CIMERWA’s products available everywhere in Kigali and its surroundings as the plant is Rusizi District, Western province of Rwanda.
  • During a press briefing, CIMERWA’s Chief Executive Officer, Busisiwe Legodi, said that the firm is committed to partnering with many distributors across the country so that every Rwandan can access CIMERWA products more simply.
  • “Distributors like SIRWA will help us to avail CIMERWA products around the country which will facilitate more people to get our cement. Our responsibility is to make sure that our cement is available everywhere and we believe that through strong partnerships with distributors countrywide our products will reach the market with ease.”
  • The SIRWA Director General, Elyvin Mironko said that the newly opened warehouse aims to serve all the people of Rwanda from the big builders to people living in the village.
  • “I am very pleased and honored to partner with a proudly Rwandan manufacturer in terms of strengthening the Made in Rwanda initiative. Through our warehouse we aim to satisfy the market of cement and grow CIMERWA’s clientele.”
  • According to Ms Legodi, CIMERWA is also looking forward to working with 16 more distributors in the whole country.
  • CIMERWA, a proudly Rwandan cement producer will participate at the upcoming International Expo from 27th July to 10th August. Come visit our stand near the children’s recreation area and learn more about our products.